Monday, April 6, 2009

it's getting 2 b a fine day....('',)..

After i had finished my class, i head down on the street 2 da hostel..
feel like i wanna cry on dat time..=(..(since 2day is my 2nd day of p.e.*.d)
but try myself 2 cheer me up..
there's a soft voice whispered 2me..
plizzz..dun cry intan..dun cry...n dun...
when i'm just entered my room,da tears started rolling down..rolling n flowing..
warm tears flowing on my cheek..
miss him actually=(
hurmm,when he 'll b there~~~
then, i switched on my laptop and wrote down my status ''s.a.d. mode" on my Ym..
try 2 calm me down..tenz jenangje6 4 texting me=)
still not feel ok,grabbed my nfon,fon my sista..
huhu..feel quite ok after dat..
my nfon was ringing n vibrating at 9.03pm..
wanna shout on that time,saw "dier jp*n" appeared on da screen...yippi2!!!
l.o.v.e mode~~~~~~~~=p

**setting up by indie rosha=)
feel totally ok now=)
so..alwaiz try 2make ur day as a fine day..
even it begins wif not a fine things...=)


  1. im miss him also..
    feel sad + wanna to cry = bcuz im a girl
    full of feeling..
    full of expression..

  2. momma!!! be patient.. be tough.. its ok, i'll be always with ue..hehehe

    p/s: i miss him too even he is not going anywhere...huhu

  3. Ohh. saye xpaham sebab saya tidak period

  4.'s ok ayong n bby..
    the distance between us n our love doesn't rate the frequency of our "misss"** to them,ehehe..
    like what bby said,be tough,b patient..
    cayokk2!!!geng jiwe lare,hahaha..=p

  5. haha..
    dat's y u hve 2 noe gulz..
    especially when they are on dat pe*d time...

  6. intan, be strong huhu
    add me to ur link k

  7. taQ!!
    be strong gurl.. caiyok intan!!!
    link me link me..

  8. Linkleh aku.

  9. taQ.. cinta itu memang indah..
    kadang2 menyakitkan..
    tapi..itulah kehebatan cinta.
    wish u all the best!